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28 июня 2018, 20:11

0% GST: iPhone prices reduced up to RM334 in Malaysia

Malaysia’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) is zero-rated starting from today. Consumers can expect to pay lower prices without the previous 6% tax and that includes devices as well as telco services.

Apple has just updated their current iPhone pricing and you can read on for the full price list with 0% GST.

iPhone X iPhone X 64GB – RM5,149 RM4,857 (Save RM292) iPhone X 256GB – RM5,899 RM5,565 (Save RM334)

iPhone 8/8 Plus iPhone 8 Plus 64GB – RM4,149 RM3,914 (Save RM235) iPhone 8 Plus 256GB – RM4,899 RM4,612 (RM287) iPhone 8 64GB – RM3,649 RM3,442 (RM207) iPhone 8 256GB – RM4,399 RM4,150 (RM249)

iPhone 7/7 Plus iPhone 7 Plus 32GB – RM3,349 RM3,159 (Save RM190) iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – RM3,849 RM3,631 (Save RM218) iPhone 7 32GB – RM2,749 RM2,593 (Save RM156) iPhone 7 128GB – RM3,249 RM3,065 (Save RM184)

iPhone 6s/6s Plus iPhone 6s Plus 32GB – RM2,749 RM2,593 (Save RM156) iPhone 6s Plus 128GB – RM3,249 RM3,065 (Save RM184) iPhone 6s 32GB – RM2,249 RM2,121 (Save RM128) iPhone 6s 128GB – RM2,749 RM2,593 (Save RM156)

iPhone SE iPhone SE 32GB – RM1,749 RM1,650 (Save RM99) iPhone SE 128GB – RM2,249 RM2,121 (Save RM128)

iPhone 6 iPhone 6 32GB – RM1,299 RM1,225 (Save RM74)

Across the board, all models are now 5.67% cheaper compared to the previous 6% GST inclusive price. You stand a chance to save up to RM334 for the top of the line iPhone X 256GB which is now going for RM5,565 instead of RM5,899 on the official Apple online store.

Of course, if you’re looking for greater savings, there are online retailers offering bigger discounts. The official Apple Store on Lazada is now selling the iPhone X 256GB at RM4,999. Another retailer is selling the iPhone X 64GB Apple Malaysia unit for only RM4,399. That’s RM458 off from the official pricing with 0% GST.

Source: https://www.soyacincau.com/2018/06/01/apple-iphone-malaysia-price-zero-gst/